Overcoming my fears

Maybe I am a step closer to finish off with my fear of choosing even the smallest things. I struggled with this so called “phobia” for a long-long time, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I visited a therapist 5 times in the previous month and it really helped. I never thought that just by speaking about it would make such a huge step. Thank you all, who suggested me to give it a try. It was a little bit embarrassed in the beginning, but now I know, that I needed it.

I think I am on the right path because yesterday I could choose a new razor by myself, within half an hour. Of course, it could be much faster, but hey, for me, it is a big thing.

I bought it because my previous electric razor went crazy when I wanted to style my beard a week ago. It was a little bit terrifying because I just saw the smoke and I didn’t know what could cause it, then I found my razor, which I left on the shelf in my bathroom, on fire.

Fortunately, I could extinguish the fire within a minute, so it couldn’t cause a big problem.

But back to the main story…yesterday I sat in front of my computer, did a small research and found a site which claimed to give the best electric razor shaver reviews on the market: Off With My Hair I read through the articles within 20 minutes, and all of them was really helpful. At the end of this research, I marked 3 different razors which could be good for me and within 10 minutes I ordered one of them.

So maybe, one day I’ll be more confident, and I can choose without a hesitation. I feel, that I’ll be able to do this!

Thank you guys again for the suggestion!