Fear of choosing a gas range

Dear Readers,

Every damn time I have to make a big decision I’m shocked. I still don’t know why, but I always freeze when there is a problem that requires my decision. For example, when I last bought shoes I stood there for an hour without any sign of life. They even wanted to call for a doctor.

Before that I wanted to buy a new PC for myself, and there was no problem until I browsed through the supply, but when I had to choose the most suitable, I froze. I had to invite a friend of my, to make the decision instead of me.

I don’t know why this happens, because previously I had no problem with decision making. I was quite brave and strong-minded person. But in the past 2 years… something happened.


I made up my mind to overcome this difficulty within a year, step-by-step.

First of all, I asked a friend to buy me 2 other pairs of shoes. This way every morning I have choose which one to use that day.

Secondly, I always keep several different kind of wine at home, so when I go to a party I have to decide which to bring to the host.

I know these are nothings, but somehow I had to start. But now, I’m in a bigger project, that requires a little bit more focus. I have to buy a new gas range. I never owned one before and this is the last piece I still miss from my flat. I already did some research in this topic and found some awesome gas range reviews which helped to choose two identically perfect ovens. You can check them by clicking on the link.

Now, I have to decide which one to buy. They are from different brands: LG and Samsung. Both are pretty cost-efficient and well designed, but neither of these attributes helps me to overcome my “curse”.

I was sure, that if I write it in this entry, I’ll be able to make a decision and order one of these gas ranges. And maybe it will really help after posting it.

Wish me luck!